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****3-4 PM Open Gym is by appointment only. The Training Staff must be informed at least 3 hours in advance if you would like to attend Open Gym at that time.****

CFG Prices

A 6-class course that teaches beginner athletes all the primary exercises utilized in CrossFit, in addition to short conditioning workouts that prepares new athletes to join our regular CrossFit classes. Total length of the course is 3 weeks long, with classes convening twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 PM to 8PM. After completion of the Elements course, athletes then have the option to continue on to the Unlimited CrossFit classes.
A VERY limited time offer for potential new members looking to join CrossFit Gravis. This membership will grant you access to our Unlimited CrossFit classes, giving you the option to attend as many classes as you would like Monday through Saturday. This special deal is limited to the FIRST THIRTY members to join CrossFit Gravis. Once 30 memberships at this rate have been sold, the deal will no longer be in effect. Hurry and jump on this opportunity to save big on CrossFit training!
Members of the military, (active duty and reserve) as well as police officers and first responders enjoy a 15% discount on all services offered by CrossFit Gravis. A small token of our appreciation for all that you do and sacrifice for us.
This option allows you to work with a member of our training staff on a private one-on-one basis. This can be applied towards our Elements course or any of our other classes (Unlimited CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, etc.). Scheduling is based on client’s desired times as well as training staff availability.
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