Community First

We pride ourselves in our “no man left behind” mentality. CrossFit Gravis is a close-knit family, founded on the pursuit of fitness, fueled by the desire for improvement, knowledge and self-education.

Positive Change

CrossFit Gravis is rooted in the desire to effect change in the lives of people seeking to change. Our mission to help take you to new heights of physical and mental fitness.

Achieve Your Goals

As your coaches, we practice the idea of “open source fitness”, keeping in mind that the journey to fitness is comprised of many different roads and paths. We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your goals.

Dec 21-15 2015 - Monday A. Strength Front squat 10:00 to work up to a 3RM Rest exactly 2:00 then: B. Aerobic 1600m row/run for time Immediately in to: C. Metcon 3 rounds for ... Read More

“At CrossFit Gravis, we pursue excellence, not profit. Helping you achieve your fitness goals is our number one priority, and we do it with smiles on our faces. Come experience the positive change we have to offer!”

Get Started With Your Fitness Today

Jay is one of the most knowledgeable, talented and dedicated coaches you’ll ever meet. He consistently researches and experiments with different methods to see what works and what is a waste of time. Jay is my go to guy whenever I have a question that is CrossFit or nutrition related. Go introduce yourself today, you won’t be disappointed!
CAPT Desiree Sanchez, USMC